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Selecting the right private schooling can be a minefield, there are so many things to consider, but it is hoped that this site will dispel some of the myths around private schools (Boarding and Day schools) and allow you to make the right selection based on the needs of your child/children.

Exploring The Pros And Cons Of Boarding At School

Even though boarding schools can offer an exceptionally high standard of education, and can set your child up for a better future, that is not always the case. Whether your child benefits from boarding school or not will also depend on who they are, where they attend, and how they are prepared.

Some children will love going to boarding school, some will hate it. Some will thrive, some will collapse and may well rebel. It really does depend on how well you know your child and how well you communicate with them and manage the process.

Boarding schools can create a sense of community and friendship that is far stronger than in normal day schools, often lasting a lifetime, offering opportunities and support for the long term. However, if your child does not fit into that community it can be isolating.

Children at boarding schools can be insulated from the threat of alcohol, drugs, parties and other distractions. However, this can also work the other way where an enclosed peer group exerts pressure, or where an unhappy child looks for ways to fit in.

Boarders are often kept more socially engaged in the evening, not disappearing into games consoles and other unsociable activities. The downside to this can be that the children don’t have any chance to switch off from the pressures of school life and get away from children they are not keen on.

bondingChildren who have attended boarding schools are often more independent, outgoing and confident both at the time and in later life. However, if they do not thrive in that environment they can become homesick or feel pressured. It should not be underestimated as to how powerful this can be, if things don’t go right, a child who does not thrive in the boarding school environment can become very isolated and withdrawn.

Usually because of the high fees, the quality of teaching is almost always higher. This provides superior educational standards and allows more one-on-one tuition which can really benefit children who are struggling. It also allows the teachers to bond with the children more and to recognise problems that are developing and address these issues more easily. However the downside to this is that the fees are incredibly high nowadays and not everyone can afford these without some sort of sacrifice in other areas of expense.

Extra curricular activities and passions can be brilliantly accommodated if the school specialises in those activities, or has links to organisations it works with. However if those activities are not something the school is familiar with, then that can often be a barrier to that child being able to undertake them, because the teaching staff will not travel and support off-site in the same way as parents will, nor will they have connections with the same range of local resources as a state school.
How you can help your child to deal with the pros and cons of boarding school

If you think your child will be homesick it’s vital you choose a school that has strong Pastoral care. Look for a school that has proper Pastoral programmes, lots of extra activities and support such as medical and counseling staff.

Prepare the way well in advance for the transition. Give the child several months to understand that change is going to happen, help them to undertake activities that get them to do things on their own and to mix with new groups, work hard to get them used to the idea of being more independent and self-sufficient.

Even if you are overseas from the school your child would be attending, make sure you visit the school and spend time there, get the child acclimatised and get them in a position where they can meet the teachers and potentially mix with other students so that the change is not so great.

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