stonyhurst collegeStonyhurst College is set amongst spacious and historic surroundings, just a few miles from the market town of Clitheroe. With a long history of excellence, it is one of the top boarding and day schools in Lancashire.

Stonyhurst is a religious school, predominantly Catholic but welcoming and accommodating to people from all faiths. The school puts Jesus at the centre of a caring and supportive community. The aim of this is to nurture young people to be spiritually and emotionally strong in adult life, able to take an active role in the church and society.

Welcoming boarders from the UK and overseas

The College accommodates pupils from across the world, not just Lancashire. For children up to the age of 13, St Mary’s Hall provides excellent accommodation, with the children mixing in year groups rather than houses, allowing them to mix more readily with their peer group.

For older children, this strong accommodating mix continues. The Catholic life of the school remains strong within each group and this creates a strong bond within the older groups.

And it’s not just limited to children who are boarding at Stonyhurst. The school equally integrates and accommodates day school pupils from across Lancashire as well.

Pastoral care, amenities and out of hours activities

Stonyhurst has an on-site health centre that offers round-the-clock care, staffed by registered nurses. There are also two school doctors, who hold regular clinics to ensure that every pupil is monitored.

As well as medical staff, teachers are allocated to groups of children to ensure that they get individual pastoral care after school is finished each day. This also includes a weekly meeting to make sure that children are happy and able to speak out.

The College provides many  to help strengthen bonds and create community spirit, as well as to challenge individual young people to become stronger in all ways. There are debating  politics and philosophy groups. The school encourages children to take an interest in astronomy, engineering and environmental issues through societies. There are also book and chess clubs, programming and robotics workshops that children can attend.

Building individuality and teamwork through sporting excellence

All pupils at the College take part in both team and individual sports and leisure activities. There are competitions in team sports such as swimming and athletics between the houses at the school, to nurture teamwork and determination.

From an early age at the school, local and national fixtures are arranged, including tournaments and leagues in hockey, netball, rounders, rugby and cricket. On-site facilities include a nine hole golf course, a swimming pool, tennis and squash courts, as well as an indoor shooting range.

out of hours activitiesFrom football through fencing, martial arts, gymnastics, water polo and even horse riding, what ever excites your child in terms of sporting achievement, Stonyhurst College can provide an excellent foundation. The College has a long history of sporting success with several students having progressed to professional sporting careers.



Stonyhurst College fees

The College has different rates for different types of pupil and accommodation per year and term.

Representative fees are as follows:

Full boarding fees for younger children in St Mary’s Hall are £7995 per term.

Full boarding fees for older children at Stonyhurst College are currently around £11,200 per term.

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