educationEvery parent wants what is best for their children, including quality school education. As such, there’s a constant need to evaluate and ask about, teacher training, curriculums, school accountability, overall quality and everything else that could affect your child’s educational growth.

Aside from that, you’ll also need to do your part in researching and asking friends what kinds of schools are available.

There’s a good number of excellent private schools in Lancashire you can choose from, but why do most parents prefer it over all the others? Here are 7 fantastic benefits of private education:

1. Why Private Schools Are Better

There are different academic benefits for private education, depending on the child’s level. Toddlers will come to appreciate and hone their appetite for learning with a private school teacher on the nursery level.

There’s a higher expectation of achievement in academic terms in a private institution, as private schools enjoy a reputation of excellence and great exam results in many prestigious communities.

The teachers here spark an innate desire within their students to learn. When a student is adequately encouraged to excel, he or she will usually live up to it, and sometimes even exceed it.

The rigorous testing factors and academic discipline allow a student to perform up to their utmost, increasing the chances of college-going rates. Private education believes that students in their elementary and high school levels are able to excel given the right environment and the right challenge.

2.Schools with Small Class Sizes

smaller class size

Teachers get easily overwhelmed when a class size is too many for them to properly control. Individual attention suffers, and many students end the day with little to no understanding of the educational material presented.

Adequate staffing and the right class size allows for a greater focus in almost all aspects of a child’s life. Teachers can pay adequate attention to each individual, while counselors can help those who might be falling behind, or those stuck in making career decisions.

3. Discipline-Oriented

disciplineMost private educational systems promote discipline and the upholding of moral values through codes of conduct and strict rules. These schools are more consistent when it comes to discipline than public schools.

Grave offenses such as stealing, cheating and substance abuse are not allowed; zero-tolerance policies are normally set for the offender if they are found to be guilty. The environment is often more orderly and the classrooms are safe, which is conducive for learning.

The discipline aquired in private schools often can continue post-secondary education quite well, as students are able to handle their own attendance and further academic achievements.

4. Extra curricular Activities

sportsSports and other extra curricular activities can produce a much more well-rounded individual who can perform in all aspects. Most private schools around Lancashire provide top-quality education alongside other physical or mental endeavors such as music, arts, sports or interest clubs.

The welcome break from academic studying eases off the stress and allows the students to develop other skills or engage in social activities.


5. Parental Involvement

parental involvement

Private schools welcome the idea of a bond connecting the school administration and their student’s parents.

Families can become a vital part in any private schooling institution via involvements such as fundraising initiatives, forming a functional parent committee, family camping weekends, frequent parent-teacher meetings and many others. These events provide an outlet for further parent-child strengthening endeavors.


6. Better Teachers

A dedicated teacher chooses to teach in a private school for so many reasons. They have a home where they can teach passionately to a small group of students.

They do not only impart their knowledge, but are more than happy with the chance of being role models to students who look up to them in terms of educational degrees.

7. Higher Standards

Coursework levels, graduation requirements and general reputation are noticeably higher in private education than the other forms of learning. Everything is held in high standards- from academic performances, discipline, respect and play.

There are cutting-edge facilities such as science labs and libraries covering any topic you could think of. Helpful resources such as art studios, sports fields, classrooms and mentors will always be at hand to support and encourage student learning.

This is one of the many reasons why private schools are held in high regards, and why most private education students garner a consistently higher score average in national levels.

Private Schools in Lancashire

The Benefits of Private Education

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  • November 28, 2016 at 5:44 pm

    My sister is trying to figure out where to take her daughter for school, and wanted to know why you should choose private schools. I never knew that private schools actually welcome the idea of a bond connecting the school to their student’s parents. Since my sister likes to be involved, this would be nice for her.


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